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13 pcs RC Repair Tool Kit screwdriver, Metric Hex drivers and pliers Professional alloy aluminium material RC screwdriver set.

This is a general purpose tool kit



 1. High quality carbon steel material with heat treatment , 50-62HRC

 2. Ergonomically and slip-resistant handle.

 3. Elegant appearance.
 4.  Variety of screwdriver type.


Screwdriver phillips 3.0mm 

Screwdriver phillips5.0mm
Screwdriver slotted 4.0mm
Hexagon screwdriver H 1.5mm
Hexagon screwdriver H 2.0mm
Hexagon screwdriver H 2.5mm

Hexagon screwdriver H 3.0mm
Hexagon Socket Screwdriver 5.5mm

Hexagon Socket Screwdriver 8.0mm
Hexagon Socket Screwdriver 10.0mm 
Needle-nose Plier 

Lexan curved scissors
Turnbuckle multi wrench - 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 7.0mm , 8.0mm

13 pcs RC Repair Tool Kit + Handy Pouch

SKU: F015
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