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The Madhatter Extreme Stadium truck body is a body worth of the name, it’s Mad, evil and thicker than all other bodies, making it strength more supior... Ready for Shinanigens racing had by  Stadium Trucks. It is based to look like a real truck.

This body does fits many Stadium trucks which include Not limited too AE’s B6 series, TLR 22T4.0 - this body should also fit many other models, do your homework to make sure it suits you truck before purchasing.

 Madhatter extrem are made from Thicker polycarbonate there for are more rigid the the traditional stadiums truck bodies.

They also have built in vent holes ( bonnet and roof to allow air circulation

The Madhatter handle cornering very well and fell more stable in general.


Package includes:

1 x Madhatter Xtreme body

1 rear Wing to suit

Outsiders rc Mad Hatter Xtreme Stadium truck body


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