Sunpadow releases two new Platin series LiPo batteries, which consists of a 7.4V 5500mAh ULCG battery and a 7.4V 5400mAh shorty battery. Compared to the previous gold 5300mAh and 4500mAh packs, under the same size respectively, these two new products have significantly improved discharge rate, as well as capacity. The use of newly developed super conductive materials can greatly reduce the common swelling cases of LiPo batteries. the Platin 5400mAh shorty battery is especially suitable for F1, FWD, and some 1/10 and 1/8th scale off-road applications. The new shorty pack features an increased capacity by nearly 20%, compared to its previous version, it also can be an option for some 1/8 on-road cars. We believe that these two new products will give RC racers a great experience, thanks to the much improved performance!


Width (mm)
  • 96
Depth (mm)
  • 46,70
Height (mm)
  • 25
  • 222gr
  • 5400mAh
C rate
  • 120/60C
  • 7.4V
Battery connector
  • 4mm gold
Cell Count
  • 2S

Sunpadow JA0018 - Platinum 5400mAh Hardcase - 7.4V LiPo - 120C/60C - Shorty Pack

SKU: JA0018