• TKR6519B – Bulkhead Set (f/r, revised)

    The front bulkhead in this new bulkhead set for the EB410 has been strengthened to reduce fatigue from extreme impacts. TKR6519B Bulkhead Set is a direct replacement for TKR6519 and does not require additional parts or hardware.


    One front bulkhead with cover and one rear bulkhead with cover.

    Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR6519B - Bulkhead Set (f/r, revised) is included with the EB410, EB410.2, ET410 and ET410.2 kits and can be used as a replacement part for those vehicles.
  • This item is not directly compatible with other vehicles as it could have different geometry or require additional parts. Please use the instruction manual from the kit(s) listed above to verify can work with your vehicle before purchasing.

TKR6519B – Bulkhead Set (f/r, revised)

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