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JX Ecoboost CLS6322HV 21KG Large Torque 180degree CNC Aluminium Shell Metal Gear Digital Coreless Servo for RC Helicopter



CNC metal upper casing

High precision metal gear made in Taiwan

High-voltage digital hollow cup servo

Detailed Specifications:

Model: CLS6322HV

Remote control maximum angle: 120°

Remote control board maximum angle: 180°

Dead zone: 1μs

Working frequency: 1520μs / 330hz

Motor: Hollow cup

Speed 7.4v 0.07 sec/60°

Speed 6.6v 0.09 sec/60°

Torque 7.4v 21.06

Torque 6.6v 17.21

Size: 40.5X20.2X40mm

Weight: 63g

Line/color: JR 265 mm/-brown+red S orange

Bearing: two ball bearings

Includes steering gear accessory kit, one-word, half-section, cross, *-type, disc, anti-vibration ring, copper sleeve, related screws

Profile Digital JX Ecoboost Servo 21Kg

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