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Car - 1/10 Electric - 4WD Touring - RTR - Waterproof - Team Magic E4JR II - EVX
With the Team Magic E4RS III's competitive success (multiple national champion, ETS finalist etc.) and the E4JS II's huge commercial success, which has become the "car of the year 2014" in numerous clubs, we decided to offer to the largest possible public the opportunity to drive the E4 "II" series' high-performance chassis by offering three Ready-To-Run versions (RTR) and one Ready-To-Build version (RTB).
For this, we worked hard on the E4JS II in order to reduce it in an optimized RTR version. We created a new part that transforms the front differential into a spool (rigid axle), new battery mounts that allow the use of batteries with rounded shape (NiMH or LiPo) and simplified a number of parts in order to maintain an ultra-competitive price (lower chassis, shock mounts and motor mount), all this supplied with waterproof electronics (servo, receiver and speed controller!).
The result is the E4JR II, the most competitive and innovative RTR car on the market!

The features inherited from the E4RS III:

Team Magic utilised numerous elements and parts of the E4RS III to create the E4JS II, which is so in no way a touring car of reduced quality.

-Identical suspension geometry to the E4RS III
-Centred and aligned weight
-Hard suspension arms, uprights and caster blocks
-7075 Aluminium hard-coated spur gear holder
-Low-Friction belts
-Adjustable belt tension via eccentrics
-Gear differential with 4 composite gears
-Low Friction ball bearings
-Ultra free pivot balls and ball cups with minimized play
-Heavy duty body posts
-High density foam bumper

The features inherited from the E4JS II:

The E4JS II is "THE" club racer car reference (a club racer is a confirmed driver, demanding a high quality level, but which wants to keep a reasonable budget and to limit himself to regional championships).

-2.0mm ECO-Graphite upper deck
-High quality constant volume shock absorbers
-Matched and optimized shock springs for TC
-Hard plastic lower bulkheads
-Hard plastic upper bulkheads
-ST hardened steel suspension shaft
-Hard plastic ball raced steering bell crank
-Hard plastic centre layshaft mounts
-High Quality 48DP spur gear
-Steel differential / spool outdrives for an extreme durability
-Universal driveshafts

Team Magic E4JR II new features:

-NEW - Narrow 2.3mm ECO-Graphite chassis
-NEW - 3.0mm ECO-Graphite shock towers
-NEW - Front rigid axle (Spool) for an improved stability
-NEW - Quick release battery holder, that accepts NiMH stick packs
-NEW - HARD waterproof receiver
-NEW - THOR waterproof servo
-NEW - THOR waterproof electronic speed controller
-NEW - THOR 540 motor


E4JR II 1/10 EP Touring Car EVX brushed motor -TM507004-EVX

SKU: TM507004-EVX.
AU$475.00 Regular Price
AU$365.95Sale Price
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