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The XR10 JUSTOCK G3 controller was specially developed for races and training drives. This is noticeable in the brand new "RPM Limit" programming option, with which the limit can be set depending on the racing requirements - gradually adjustable from 12,500-25,000RPM or completely unregulated. In addition, there is the fixed "0" timing, which is often required for races. So get ready for a fair and successful race.

Lots of new featuresAnother new feature is that the motor can turn clockwise or counterclockwise thanks to the Justock G3 controller. This makes it possible to use it in far more vehicles than its predecessor. And just like the direction of rotation of the motor, the BEC voltage can now also be set. You can freely choose between 6 and 7.4V via the smartphone with the OTA programming module or the LCD programming card. In addition to the countless safety functions, the G3 version also comes with reverse polarity protection, which ideally prevents damage caused by possible incorrect connection of the battery.

The Xerun series from Hobbywing exclusively comprises sensor-based brushless systems for professional racing use. The product range extends from 1/12 to 1/8 as well as from "Modified" to "Stock". The excellent performance, the high reliability and some other features meet the high demands of top-level drivers in all respects.

Perfect for competition thanks to RPM limits and 0 timingMotor direction of rotation freely selectable (CW or CCW)Adjustable BEC voltage (6V or 7.4V)Robust aluminum housing for ideal heat dissipationBuilt-in capacitors as a space-saving solution compared to external capacitorsVarious protective functions againstPolarity reversalOverheatingUndervoltage shutdownFail-safeMotor lock-upNumerous possibilities for programming (LED / LCD programming, WiFi / OTA module, ...)Firmware upgrades possible to always be up to dateTechnical specifications

Type: Brushless, SensoredCurrent continuous / short: 60A / 380AInput voltage: 2S LipoBEC: 6V / 7.4V at 4AMotor types: Brushless motors (sensored and sensorless)Motor limit:> = 10.5T 3650 motorFan: Yes, powered by the BECProgramming: SET button, LED programming card, LCD programming box, WiFi module, OTA module, separate programming interfaceDimensions: 40.9x33.9x32.1mmWeight: 75.4gSuitable vehicles: 1/10, 1/12 on-road and off-road competition and training (e.g. touring car, buggy)

Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Justock G3 Brushless ESC 60A - HW30112003

SKU: 30112005
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