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The Radar front tire enhances both steering and accuracy of your 2wd Buggy. A slight arc in the tread pattern enhances traction through the apex of the corner as the tire tilts more the forward bar stays inline as the tire lays over. Angular bars create stable side bite; a more decisive left to right attribute. Radars are known for pinpoint accuracy and predictability,  The Radar 100103 fits any standard 2.2in Front wheel that is industry standard to 2wd Buggy dimensions for off-road dirt and clay use at indoor and outdoor tracks. Tires come unmounted with closed cell insert.

Compatible cars: TLR Losi 22 5.0 DC Elite Team Associated AE B6 B6.4D RC10B6 RB10 Yokomo SO 1.0 YZ2 DTM Traxxas Bandit HB Racing D2 Evo Xray XB2D Serpent Spyder SRX-2 Schumacher Cougar


100103CB - Clay compound

Raw Speed Radar - 2WD Front Buggy Tyres w/Inserts 2.2" (1 pr) - Clay

SKU: 100103CB
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