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To secure your place in line for the limited RC10 Classic 40th Anniversary kit, a $50 deposit is required. Please note, due to such a limited numbers, kit fulfillment isn't guaranteed, securing a 'Next In Line' status simply reserves your place. If demand exceeds supply, we'll offer refund for unfulfilled orders.


RC10 Classic 40 Year Anniversary KITOn December 5, 1984, the All-American-designed Team Associated RC10 was introduced to the RC world. Being the first to take home the gold in both the ROAR National and IFMAR 2WD World Championships, the RC10 secured its place as a legend in RC car history.


This year (2024) marks the 40th anniversary of the RC10 and we are proud to offer this special limited edition 40th Anniversary kit. Staying true to the original, this anniversary kit features the same race car technology introduced in the 80s. It’s that innovation that has kept Team Associated on top of the RC car racing world for the past 40 years.


The RC10 started as the vision of Team Associated’s founder Roger Curtis (RC) and became one of the most iconic RC cars in history.


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original RC10, we are proud to bring to you the RC10 Classic 40th Anniversary Edition kit, a faithful reproduction of Roger’s world championship-winning design that changed the world of RC off road racing forever.


The design and construction of the RC10 is totally unique to electric off-road cars, featuring a rigid alloy monocoque tub with fully adjustable suspension.


Included are Associated’s custom coil-over aluminum racing shocks, VariLok differential and modular 3-piece clamping wheels.


Engineered for easy assembly and maintenance, the RC10 is also easy to drive over all kinds of terrain. The rugged nylon suspension and alloy tub are tough enough to handle bumps and crashes of beginners as well as intense wheel-to-wheel action.


So buckle up and go off-road racing with the Team. The Associated RC10 40th Anniversary Edition is ready to take on the competition.

drivetrain with pinned modular wheels. Quick release knockoff design provides fast, accurate alignment. Low profile gearbox uses VariLok adjustable diff and is protected by an integrated motor/heat sink.

Independent suspension with coil-over shocks help smooth out the bumps. Precision molded, nylon suspension components can be easily custom color dyed. A-Arm/Ball joint design permits static camber, camber rise, caster, ride height and spring rate tuning to suit every type of track.

THE TEAM DOES IT IN THE DIRTA RACE CAR, NOT A TOY.Sure, you’ve heard that before. But Team Associated designs and engineers model RACE cars. The new RC10 Classic features fully adjustable four-wheel independent suspension, an aluminum alloy monocoque tub and race-proven hardware throughout. Strength and durability are standard equipment.

RACE-WINNING ENGINEERINGFor maximum traction, the RC10 suspension is damped by long throw, fluid-filled racing shocks, using machined alloy cylinders and drill blank shafts for silky smooth action.

Original box art text from 1984

 Rugged, yet light, the suspension gives you all the adjustability of full-size race buggies. The A-arm/Ball joint design allows precise camber, caster, ride height, and spring rate tuning. Even the adjustable VariLok differential is included, and the updated chassis fits 6-cell NiMh and 2S LiPo battery packs.Exceptional ground clearance and low center of gravity also contribute to the superb balance and performance of the RC10 over all types of terrain.

GET THE JUMP ON THE COMPETITION.Go RC off-road racing with the leaders. The World Champion RC10 is available now and ready for competition. Take the challenge and build yourself a winner. Team Associated’s RC10. 


RC10 Classic 40 Year Anniversary KIT - Pre Order

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