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Balance payment- Balance payment - Balance payment - Please note this is only for those who have paid the deposit and have been contacted and advised they were sucessful with the purchase. 

Truck are on there way - Total price for the trucks is $749,  Balance payment of 699 is now due to complete your purchase for the limited RC10T Classic  kit, a $50 deposit has been paid so balance is $699. If you would like it posted out please add that to your cart if you have not done so already.


Step back in time to the golden era of RC racing with the RC10T Classic, a faithful recreation of the iconic RC10T from 1991.

Introducing the RC10T Classic: A True Retro Revival

Step back in time to the golden era of RC racing with the RC10T Classic, a faithful recreation of the iconic RC10T from 1991. As a tribute to the glory days of off-road racing, this classic model embodies the essence of its predecessor, capturing the spirit and performance that made the original RC10T a legend on the track.

With its black-anodized aluminum tub chassis, the RC10T Classic pays homage to the original design that captured the hearts of RC enthusiasts worldwide. This timeless chassis provides the perfect balance of strength and agility, allowing drivers to tackle any terrain with confidence and precision.

Team Associated is thrilled to celebrate our 60th anniversary alongside the release of the RC10T Classic. It's more than just a model; it's a journey back in time to a period when RC racing was at its peak. Get ready to unleash the power of the Stealth transmission and write your own chapter in RC racing history with the RC10T Classic by Team Associated.

This copy comes from the classic RC10T box:

Team Associated’s RC10T is the fastest, most reliable race truck because it was developed by the same winning engineering that produced nine World Champions.

Like all Associated RC race cars, the RC10T was toughened, refined, and proven in competition before the design was finalized. Even though our drivers had no truck racing experience, they took on all comers from Coast to Coast to make sure your RC10T is a winner, too. RC10Ts took first and second in the Florida Winter Championships against a field of 450 entries.

Unlike other truck and RC10 conversion kits, no compromises were made with the RC10T. Working closely with the latest ROAR specifications for Offroad Truck racing, our R&D team designed a purpose-built machine with the response and handling serious racers demand.

Thus, the front and rear track of the RC10T were widened for maximum cornering speeds. The wheelbase was lengthened, and a special narrow bulkhead improves high-speed stability. To cope with the larger tires and longer suspension travel, shock tower design was critical as well.

Even the body of the RC10T is part of the winning combination. Vacuum-formed low and lightweight, it protects the shock towers as well.

The result is predictably awesome. With its high efficiency Stealth transmission, lightweight chassis and suspension, full race shocks and grippy rubber, the RC10T delivers explosive performance, even with stock class motors and batteries.

The Truck category of off-road competition makes unique demands in chassis, suspension, and overall design. Team Associated’s RC10T benefits from the race-proven engineering of our 2-time World Champion RC10. But in fact, the RC10T shares only the alloy monocoque tub and racing shocks of the legendary RC10.

Prototypes of the RC10T proved highly competitive, finishing first and second in the 1991 Florida Winter Championships. Unique features, all of which are incorporated into the production RC10T, include a long wheelbase and super wide track to optimize the Truck Class regulations. Suspension arms are precision molded from virgin nylon and reinforced to be exceptionally strong, yet very light. The four-wheel independent suspension, shocks, and towers also allow for extremely long travel.

Truck racing wheels and tires were also developed specially for the RC10T. This rerelease RC10T comes with standard wide rear tires and the famously banned narrow front tires. All wheels are lightweight, 3-piece modular design, molded perfectly concentric in virgin nylon. The narrow front tires were designed for the existing ROAR Truck Class rules of the era and used on the winning prototype RC10Ts.

Other Specifications

  • Tire Diameter 3.75" (95.25mm)
  • Wheelbase 11.2" (284.48mm)
  • Max. Clearance 2.16" (54.86mm)
  • Suspension Travel 2.48" (62.99mm)


FLORIDA WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS Debuting at the 1991 Florida Winter Championships, the RC10T made its mark in the RC history books. With Cliff Lett in first place and Butch Kloebber in second, a new era of race-winning trucks was born.

NARROW TIRE CONTROVERSY The '91 Florida Winter Championships was the first and last time the narrow front wheels and tires would see professional racing. After Cliff's and Butch's wins, they were deamed an unfair advantage and therefore were banned from future use at top-level racing events. This new rerelease of the RC10T features the original banned narrow tires to replicate the debut winning look.


RC10T Classic Kit - Balance payment

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