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Compared to traditional liquid mask, this brand here is fast drying for less down time, so you can now cut and paint sooner than later.

  • Amazing time saving, the drying of Speedy RC’s liquid Mask is really fast, 1-4 hours not 12-24 hours like other brands on the market.
  • Easley reached into every corner on the surface of the body, even the edges and areas where the Lexan has articulated forms.
  • Less use of a cutting blade as it glides through the mask.
  • Neater cutting precision due to the layer of the Liquid Mask, when fully dried, it is transparent and you can follow the lines of your art for a precise line of detail.
  • No residue when removing the liquid mask, unlike other brands, this specially formulated liquid mask is designed to leave minimal removal of mask.
  • Far more accurate for airbrushing, with our liquid mask the issue of over spray or runs is no longer a problem.
  • Ready to use, as it pours from the container.
  • Fast Drying
  • Water based
  • Can be rolled, brush or sprayed on.
    Spray application: 1.6-2.0mm spray (directly from the bottle), 0.5-1.4mm will require minor thinning with water for better flow.
  • 2-3 coats are suggested requiring each coat to be full coverage with a consistent coat to achieve no runs (if too thick it will reduce drying time)
  • Allow up to 1 hour for drying (Or until the product has turned matte and is no longer glossy or wet) the next coat can now be applied.
  • Once all coats are completed allow 1-4 hours to fully dry before cutting your design (this depends on ambient temperature and air movement over the liquid mask).
  • To add additional speed to curing you can use a small fan or hairdryer to increase air movement, don’t use too much heat as it can damage the shell and the liquid mask, keep at least 30cm away from product and shell.

Due to the nature of the of the liquid mask being a product that dries and forms a skin, we are unable to control the possibility of the product forming a skin or developing small bits of product within the bottle as it does get exposed to the air which can cause this.

If spraying through an air gun it is suggested to strain the liquid mask prior to putting into a spray gun to help prevent clogging and to reduce with water as needed to assist with product flow as it is a thick product.


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